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Installation and Commissioning

It is known that the market is in search of combined solutions which include both the supply of equipment and its installation. Thinking about this demand, we provide installation and commissioning services to our customers.

Datacom´s specialists are qualified in different areas of knowledge, including network design, project management, infrastructure, equipment installation, configuration and activation in centralized management systems.

We can supply all installation materials to perform these activities, such as 19" racks, cables, coaxial connectors, optical cords, patch cords, etc.

In case customers choose to perform the installation of equipment with their own teams, we can provide a commissioning service, where Datacom performs all the necessary settings for a perfect functioning of the network. The commissioning service can be performed at the factory premise or in the field.

Acceptance Tests

In addition to standard factory tests, some customers need to carry out specific tests before the product is delivered to the premise or after installed in the field. Thinking about this need, Datacom offers factory acceptance tests and field acceptance tests services.

As part of the factory acceptance tests, the customer’s technical representatives can go to Datacom´s manufacturing plant to perform specialized testing procedures on the purchased equipment, before they are shipped to the agreed location. The test procedures are defined by the client with the assistance of our experts.

In the field acceptance tests, equipment are installed and configured at the customer site, where an extensive battery of tests are performed to ensure the correct operation of the network elements as per the project guidelines. The acceptance test services aims to provide an appropriate test environment, including infrastructure and instrumentation to customized scenarios.

Migration Service

In most network environments, changes are becoming increasingly common. Changes often triggered by technology advancements, both at hardware and software levels.

To meet these demands we offer a migration service, which consists of a direct involvement of Datacom´s specialists to perform different tasks ranging from hardware and software upgrades to complex network migration for large and critical environments.

Network Design Projects

A well designed network must go beyond simply guaranteeing an operation of isolated applications. It must be able to meet and adapt to the business variables of an organization.

Datacom can develop customized logical network design documents (High Level Designs and Low Level Designs - HLD & LLD) to maximize the use of resources and features available in our products.

The scope of the HLD is to provide a macro view of the project, including a comprehensive description of the solution, its main benefits, network diagrams, equipment and project delivery stages.

The LLD aims to provide a deeper insight into the project, including the specific use of each equipment and its logical settings in order to achieve the best possible performance for every application

Network Optimization

We offer a consultative and practical service to maximize the use and performance of an existing network infrastructure.

This work is conducted in a customized manner, taking into account technical and business perspectives.

Optimization can occur in different areas of a network, such as hardware, software, design and logical configurations.


We can capacitate our clients to understand different applications and its implementations for the Datacom products. Our team is specialized in training and the instructors are fully prepared to demonstrate how and where to use our products in accordance with the best practices in the industry.

Datacom can train field technicians to install and commission network elements, while activating them in the management system. Customized training is also provided, enabling teams to operate and maintain our products in different tasks such as, event analysis, advanced settings, capacity planning and performance assessment.

Operation and Maintenance

We offer a service with focus on the operation and maintenance of active networks.

A proactive network monitoring service is provided with suitable environment and qualified staff, seeking not only to anticipate network events, but also to proactively correct them as quickly as possible.

In addition to the proactive monitoring service, we can remotely restore sites via integrated systems or by physically acting on the sites where the equipment is located, using our network of authorized partners.

In situations where customers have their own maintenance teams, we can provide the on-site warranty service, replacing the faulty equipment.

Assisted Operation

We have a group of professionals capable of providing a service aiming to assist our customers to operate their networks in a more efficient manner.

The assisted operation service provides technical supervision of a network, from guidance on the deployment of physical and logical layouts to direct involvement in day-to-day tasks related to network operation and monitoring.

We believe we have much to contribute to our customer’s networks operation, including deep knowledge of our equipment and the experience gained over the years.

24 x 7 Technical Support

Critical applications and high availability services require uninterrupted operation, therefore responsiveness and agility during the process of analysis and recovery is mandatory.

We have a highly skilled team of 24x7 technical support specialists with service level agreements (SLA) designed to meet the most critical demands. As part of the technical support service, we assist our customers at all times, whether for planning and execution of network changes or by assisting them during troubleshooting activities.