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We offer robust solutions and excellent value, proven in large Brazil and foreign customers. Tens of thousands of managed devices in the Metro Ethernet technologies, MSAN, NG SDH, PDH and xDSL support the provision of services of our customers, offering circuits and converged networks.

In order to enable the transmission of huge amounts of data, big and reliable pipes are used on the service provider networks. And when you are serving a lot of end users traffic you need high availability and robustness.

Our Carrier Ethernet products have protocols, advanced functionalities and a redundant architecture that allows our clients to offer Q-in-Q channels over L2 topologies, or L2VPN (both VPWS and VPLS) over L3/MPLS networks.

However, if the choice is to leverage and increment an existent SDH network, we have NG SDH solutions that have scalability, modularity and performance. LAN2LAN circuits are provisioned using GFP-F framing, and Virtual Concatenation with LCAS support.

It is also important to remember that both the Carrier Ethernet Switches and the NG SDH products use DmView, a single Management System software, allowing an easy integration of convergent services.

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The growing size and complexity of the actual networks demands advanced management solutions, allowing and easy and agile provisioning of services, and a proactive operation.

The DmView, our integrated management software was developed following world recognized TMN standards from ITU-T, the FCAPS directives from ISO, and RFCs documents from IETF. It could be used alone, as well as integrated to other management platforms and OSS/BSS systems.

A single software solution are able to manage the entire DATACOM line of products, providing an easy inventory and service integration. The platform actually supports tens of thousands equipments, hundreds of simultaneous users e millions of events logged on the day-by-day operation of our biggest clientes, being a field proven solution for years.

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The ability to offer different kind of services over the same network, with high capacity while keeping the quality and price under control reverts to gains on the operational activities and better resource utilization. Corporate clients demands legacy circuits, VPNs with assured CIR, plus a high speed Internet access. Delivering all of these channels, with fully managed CPEs, redundant last mile fiber approach, and carrier class aggregation equipments is the best selling application solution from DATACOM.

The network is built with the DM4000 and DM4100 Series using L3/MPLS topologies, or even L2 protocols, on the aggregation and distribution levels. The DM2100-EDD (Ethernet Demarcation Device) are used as the client facing CPEs, offering Ethernet and E1 Pseudowire interfaces. Both the VLAN and the emulated TDM circuits are carried over a packet switched network. Appropriate QoS profiles, fast convergence at link fail events, and a fully manageable end user L2 switch ensures the required SLA for data, plus TDM timing synchronization.

At the concentration point generally there is a DM4008 or DM4004 equipment, and all the VLANs are aggregated in multiple 10Gbps interfaces, in order to have a high utilization rate for the interconnection with the Backbone high end routers, while the TDM circuits use the E1 and/or SDH interfaces connected to the legacy PDH/SDH networks.

A great functionality that this solution offer is the remote management of the CPE switch without IP addressing utilization from the internal or external ranges of the Service Provider. When the DM2100-EDD is connected to the DM4000 or DM4100 Series a proprietary protocol allows full IP reachability of the CPEs from the DmView Management System, using only the DM4000 or DM4100 address. It is possible to have hundreds of CPE equipments managed by each aggregation switch.

This is a convergent solution, offering both the legacy and the new IP network functionalities, bringing several advantages to our clients.

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The increasing mobile traffic is challenging the Telecommunication Service Providers, which should increment their infrastructure at even higher rates. Our solutions are prepared for the modern designs used to build mobile backhaul networks, offering high bandwidth and confidence on the timing synchronization between the cells.

Using a Metro Ethernet network with support for microseconds timing synchronization, it is possible the simultaneous offering of high speed bandwidth for surfing the web, while keeping the cell timing for roaming procedures. The DM4000 Series has line cards with IEEE 1588v2 and Synchronous Ethernet technologies, Pseudowire E1 and STM-1 interfaces, plus 1Gbps and 10g Gbps Ethernet ports.

With our line of NG SDH multiplexer it is also possible to offer high speed Ethernet ports, aimed for mobile Web traffic, while leveraging the quality and stability of SDH timing synchronization.

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The Broadband infrastructure of the Service Providers needs high capacity and reliability on the aggregation and distribution rings. However, this market faces a huge competitive battleship because nowadays the Internet access service is considered a commodity, with some many providers offering basically the same service. So, the backhaul network should have a good cost x benefit ratio, and allow different options for all sizes of budgets.

We offer a future proof Ethernet Switch line, with options that have redundancy, huge address tables and L3/MPLS protocols and switching, but also lower cost solutions, stackable 1U, while still keeping 10G and L3/MPLS functionalities. The PoPs with higher aggregation and SLA needs use the DM4000 Series, while regions with little potential and lower return of the investment rates could start with the DM4100 Series.

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The Service Providers offer communication solutions for their clients, ranging from Internet Access, to Corporate VPNs (LAN2LAN), VoIP and TDM voice. With a single product, our solution allows multiple ways to reach the end customer, while ensuring high availability and the required SLA.

DATACOM´s history with multiservice access started with DM705 Series, a flexible TDM multiplexer that allowed multiple V.35, framed E1 and FXS/FXO voice interfaces to be aggregated over PDH and SDH uplinks, with a 64Kbps based cross-connect. The DM705 later added xDSL interfaces and a Service IP card, that could terminate traditional PPP data circuits into Ethernet VLANs, and also the CESoP technology in order to transport TDM over IP.

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The small and medium size companies have very unique challenges, because they need to innovate under cost pressures, in order to keep their high competitive and productivity approach. We understand that scenario and developed a complete portfolio for their needs.

The DM1200E has a very aggressive pricing proposal, enabling the deployment of Gigabit with 10G uplink networks. The DM4000 and DM4100 Series have scalability and redundancy, and offer a wide range of project topology options, in order to fit at any proposed budget.

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Data Center infrastructures are constantly under pressure due to new applications, real time and high availability requirements. You should deploy a feature rich and redundant solution, while keeping the costs and supportability under control.

The DM4100 Series is right fit for Top of Rack use cases, offering a stackable 48 Gigabit port, with 10G uplinks and redundant power supply. The DM4000 Series then could be used as a 10G scalable aggregation device, with a wide range of L2 and L3 protocols. The OpenFlow is also supported by both product families. A state of art silicon technology brings to an impressive power efficient design.

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The quality and availability of data communication networks are key for companies performance, allowing better resource utilization, higher human productivity, and an enabler for new software application advances.

We offer compact switches, with Gigabit access and 10g uplink ports, for corporate LAN deployments, as well stackable 1U equipments, with power supply redundancy, a full range of protocol options, plus PoE+ functionality. The aggregation could use our Chassis products, with a redundant Carrier Class architectures, over 10G ports.

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